How To Meditate – Start Your Mindset Routine

Many of us struggle to make time for ourselves. And when we do, we put off working on our mind because we’re not sure what to do or how it’s supposed to feel.

This is why I’ve created these guided meditations for you. They’ve 5-6 minutes in length, get straight to the point, and guide you along the way.

You can watch them all in sequence, or repeat each one as much as you need.

Much like exercise routines and diet templates, there’s many different styles. Feel free to explore them and find which ones work best for you. The good news is you can’t really go wrong. No time spent invested in your mindset and health is ever wasted, it’s just different levels of effectiveness for you.

I can’t shut my brain off / I don’t know how to meditate

Good For: Beginners / Nervous About Meditating / Busy Minds

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When Will I See Results?

Good For: Skeptics / Impatience / Anxiety

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Guiding Attention (Like A Puppy!)

Good For: Frustration / Perfectionism / Focus

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Relaxing Body Scan

Good For: Stress / Overwhelm / Relaxation

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Just Listen

Good For: Focus / Clarity / Concentration

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Story or Sensation

Good For: Exploring The Mind / Being “Present”

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Fully Feeling Emotions

Good For: Overall health / Self Awareness

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Good For: Happiness / Optimism / Abundance

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What Do I Do After This Series?

As you get more comfortable with guided meditations, try spending some time working on your own. Set a timer for 1-3 minutes at first and experiment with the different styles you’ve been guided through in the above videos. Self directed sessions are an essential component in taking the benefits from your ‘formal’ sits to your everyday life.

Meditation alone isn’t a cure all for everything related to the mind. Much like there’s not one exercise you can do for complete physical health, there’s a variety of daily habits and skills to build your mental well-being.

I help people remove mental blocks to self care and establish their perfect mindset routine. If you’d like to talk more just book a free call with me!