My story with mental health “begins” with my suicide attempt, aged 17, when I jumped off a bridge in Paris to try end my life. Luckily, that attempt was unsuccessful.

I’d like to say that that was a blip on the radar and I recovered quickly, but the truth is for most of my life I was subject to the whims of the external world. If career, business, relationships, finances etc. were going great, I was the man. If they weren’t, it was “evidence” I was worthless or a screw up.

In 2015 the stress and pressure got too much and I was referred in for suicide counselling. I’d gone through a lengthly business “divorce”, and the pressure of starting a new business again was overwhelming. I couldn’t trust my relationships, personal or professional, I couldn’t trust my customers, and most of all I couldn’t trust the decisions I made or my ability to achieve success and not let everyone down.

With help and support, I got back to the point where I could face my inner demons and begin building myself up again. This time, from the inside out.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying and experimenting into what brings us inner peace and happiness, whilst also achieving all the external goals our ambition desires. It’s this process of daily habits and regular check points that I want to share to help you avoid unnecessary suffering as you pursue your passion.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people. As a coach I’ve enjoyed helping them through burpees and back squats. As a business owner I’ve helped coaches develop fulfilling careers impacting others. With The Mental Health Plan, I want to help others in a deeply personal and pervasive way that will permeate to all areas and people we impact in our lives. As business owners we don’t have to suffer in order to succeed, and I want to help you with the steps you can take to you’re feeling your best while delivering your best.

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Over our calls we explore these concepts, why they’re so important and how to integrate them into your daily and weekly life. The practice of self care starts with just one minute a day and compounds into an extremely effective practice that brings you inner peace, keeps you on purpose, and builds your productivity.