Stress, depression, anxiety and a whole host of mental/emotional strains are on the rise, with everyone saying you need to take care of your mental health, but the exact steps and strategies aren’t explained.

We know what it’s like to struggle and that’s why we’ve developed a system to build you up from the inside to give you the clarity, peace of mind and mental strength to handle whatever stresses the world throws at you.

Very often we try and fix everything outside of us in the hopes that it will bring us satisfaction and peace. We’re not denying that there are very real circumstances that require your energy. Relying solely on the outside world (relationships, money, time management, product launches, vacations, etc.) without building up your inner world means that your happiness is nearly always over the horizon and subject to the ups and downs of things outside your control.

We have three phases to The Mental Health Plan:

Phase One: Foundation

  • Meditation / Clarity Breaks: How and why to use strategic downtime to gain an edge and keep your focus.
  • Self-Compassion: Forgiving past mistakes so you can set clear expectations or yourself to finish each day satisfied.
  • Gratitude: Instead of always focusing on the problems that need fixing, investing the time on what’s going right and how to duplicate it.
  • Loving-Kindess / Sympathetic Joy: Increasing your agreeableness and abundance mindset so you can get more cooperation and capitalise on more opportunities.

Phase Two: Inner World

  • Identity & Values: Defining who you want to be and what you want to do so you can make decisions based off your core believes.
  • Self Talk: Move from berating and complaining about yourself to loving and coaching yourself!
  • Habit Audit: Analyse your daily habits and environment to see clearly which ones are supporting your goals and what changes need to be made.

Phase Three: Outer World

  • Life Audit: Who and what are the stressors/supports of your life?
  • Change Action Plan: How are you going to change the things in the life that aren’t working?
  • Accountability & Support: Getting the right people behind you to reassure, encourage, and reduce the loneliness of being a leader.


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Over our calls we explore these concepts, why they’re so important and how to integrate them into your daily and weekly life. The practice of self care starts with just one minute a day and compounds into an extremely effective practice that brings you inner peace, keeps you on purpose, and builds your productivity.