You Deserve to Be Stress Free

Get coaching to become your calmest, most productive and happiest self. 

You deserve peace of mind.

You should be feeling good mentally.

But no one has ever taught you what to actually do to relieve your stress and anxiety.

Become Your Calmest Self
Starting with just a minute a day to improve your mental well-being

Build Better, Healthier Habits
Use your improved mindset to be more productive and get along better with the people in your life.

Enjoy Peace of Mind
The self assurance and satisfaction of being and doing your best daily.

How Does Mindset Coaching Work?

You’ll learn new mental skills, one minute at time, that are simple to understand and easy to make part of your day.

I’ll help you with regular calls and messages to help you stay on track.

As you build the skills we’ll apply them to improve your entire day.

I’m Colm, founder of The Mental Health Plan.

I know what it’s like to feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. I’ve also known the frustration of not knowing what to do to feel better. In short, I’ve been stuck down the hole, but I know the way out.

I’ve taken the best from research and practical psychology, distilled it down into easy to understand implement skills so you be and feel at your best quickly.

I love helping people so feel free to book a quick call with me to see if we’re a good fit and mindset coaching is right for you. If we are, we’ll get you started with your first mental skill. If not, I’ll point you in the right direction!

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